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Lesen Sie, was unsere Kunden und Partner über DOWANI 3 Tempi Play Along gesagt oder geschrieben haben.

Da wir international tätig sind, schreiben uns unsere Kunden in verschiedenen Sprachen.
Deswegen haben wir diese Testimonials in français [8] oder deutsch [9]

John Rose
Mozart Violin Concert#4 in D: A good recording with clear bold audio. The piano accompaniment version is superb for focusing practice and sound excellent even at the slower speed. Well done.
Roland Herrera
Bériot: Violin Concerto #9
This is a must - also the best recording available of this concerto worldwide. (Roland Herrera)

Küchler: Concertino op. 11
Very very nice - A great first Concerto for young students - the accompaniment CD is impeccable - I only wish there was an orchestral accomp. as you get the piano reduction only - Anyway fantastic steady accompaniment at all speeds. (Roland Herrera)

Rieding: Concerto op. 35
You get full orchestra accompaniment - this is a fantastic concerto and a magnificent accompaniment CD.
Wendy (
Telemann, Trio Sonata in F major: What a beautiful recording and so fun to play along. In the USA, not many people really understand the recorder. I do not have an opportunity to play with a harpsichord or cellist, so these recordings let me learn to listen to other musicians as I play. There is a huge difference between playing alone and playing with others. I found I could start playing along with the slower version - not perfectly - but enough to where I was not frustrated. Thanks!
I was having a problem nailing down this piece in my music lessons. Having a recording of the piece, as well as the ability to play along with it helped very much. I was able to master the technical glitches. Thank you.
Wendy (
Laura Sanborn Kuhlman, Winfield IL
“I very much like this CD format over Smart Music because it doesn’t teach students to slow down when the notes get tough, rather to practice slowly and them work on speed. I am definitely going to use with my students because they seem to like having “someone” to play along with them. It gets a bit pricey but the “easy” volumes have more tunes. I will keep working with it and order more CDs!!”
Christine Ho, Long Beach CA
“The concept of a minus-one that easily adapts to the teaching situation of different starting & stopping points is so convenient. It makes it possible and easier to work with a student in a studio setting regularly without the expense and inconvenience of hiring an accompanist frequently (which would probably be beyond the means of most students and their families). Thank you for the free sample of your innovative teaching tool. Hopefully someday I can find more repertoire in your library to use for my beginning to intermediate Violin students.”
Sue Kitts, Edmond OK
“I have 2 students that I will purchase these for-they are very excited. I currently make my own practice tapes-just the violin part. These will be a big improvement and no extra work on my part. Expect an order shortly. Thank you!”
Anthony Brazier, Los Angeles CA
“I found this product to be very useful for some of my students and I would be interested in some of the other selections.”
Joony In Rhee, La Crescenta CA
“The quality of the recording & performance was superb. I wish more selection was available though. Great idea!"
Kaylen Propp, professional musician and psychologist
I have bought 11 of your 3 tempi pieces for both descant and treble recorders and they are the best tool for student development that I have found to date. The musicianship is superb and the threee tempi assists in technical expertise. Please continue to produce more pieces, and email me if possible of upcoming releases.
John T. Howard
Just a note to say how much I enjoy Dowani 3 Tempi Play Along. In the short time I have been working with these programs I find my timing is much much better. I am not rich and could not afford to hire a piano player or an orchestra to practice with on a day to day basis and don’t know anyone else who could. This set of music and CDs offers the opportunity to learn to play with accompaniment at a very low cost. “It’s link having your own orchestra or piano player at home.” I have been playing flute for five years and love it, but now I have a way to be even better.
The Clarinet, March 2004
(…) The value of recorded accompaniments as an educational and artistic tool is a mixed bag of pros and cons. The possibility for students, especially young ones, to play with a recording is an appealing and encouraging aspect of their training. Indeed, certain aspects of musicianship can be enhanced through this tool. Dowani is offering a high-quality product. The releases are well produced, logical in their organization and attractively packaged. International in its target market, the information and explanations are in English, German, French, Spanish and Japanese. Most importantly, performances and recordings are of a high quality. (…)